Talks will be held if the majority process is stopped: Dr Bhattarai

Feb 7:Butwal, Unified CPN-Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that an atmosphere for a dialogue would be created if the ruling parties stop the majority process initiated for drafting the new constitution and rectify the past mistakes.

Speaking at a press conference held in Butwal this morning, the former Prime Minister said the constitution should be drafted not on the basis of a process but on the basis of its contents. “There is no point of sitting for a dialogue at the moment as voting process has been initiated with the formation of a questionnaire committee”, he said.

Accusing the NC and UML of isolating the opposition and trying to forcibly bring the new constitution based on a majority, Dr Bhattarai said though constituent assembly was UCPN-M agenda it was taken away by its opponent and used as a weapon to attack the party instead. ‘This compelled us to run away from there’, he said.
Arguing that his party was forced to take to the streets to stop the possibility of reviving the 1990 constitution, Dr Bhattarai said the party leaders were presently among the people to understand the popular mandate and to share the party’s view with the people.

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