Fiji Yatra 2019 and 3 Day Yoga & Meditation training April 2020

Fiji Yatra 2019 and 3 Day Yoga & Meditation training April 2020

Suren (Tau), Fiji , Sigatoka.  Respected Archarya Pdt. Rajan Sharma (also known as Guru Bhimsen Sapkota) in Association with Naroro Shiv Mandir, Naroro Sigatoka and Tavuni Capital Partners, Sydney Australia, toured Fiji from 22nd August 2019 to 29th August 2019 . Respected Acharya jee was spreading and sharing his abundant deep spiritual knowledge of Sanatan Dharma as articulated in our Shastras, Vedas, Puranas, particularly, Ram Charitmanas, Shrimat Bhagvat Gita, Yoga and Meditation focusing on the benefits of living a lifestyle within the confines of the Sanatan Dharma and practicing the Vedic culture at an individual and community level.

The program was conducted over a period of 7 days and nights at the following venues:

7pm to 9.30pm on 22 August 2019 Naroro Shiv Mandir, Naroro Sigatoka – Krishna Janmasthmi Bhaagvatum Parvachan 12pm to 2.30pm 23rd August 2019 – Visit to Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple Sigatoka
7pm to 9.30pm on 23 August 2019 Naroro Shiv Mandir – Krishna Janmasthmi Bhaagvatum Parvachan
7pm to 10pm on 24th August 2019 Olosara Sigatoka – Ram Charitmanas Parvachan on Uttrakhand
10am to 1pm on 25th August 2019 – Naroro Shiv Mandir, Naroro Sigatoka – Yoga and Meditation for general public
7pm to 10pm on 25th August 2019 – Helambu Shiv Mandir, Helibu, Kavanagasau, Sigatoaka – Ram Charitmanas and Bhagvat Gita Parvachan
10.30 to 12.30pm on 26th August 2019 – Nadrala Sangam Primary School, Nadrala, Sigatoka – Yoga and Meditation basics to 80 Primary School students
11am to 1pm on 27th A

ugust 2019 – Saraswati College, Nausori – Yoga and Meditation basics to 200 Primary School students
5pm to 7pm on 27th August 2019 – Shardhanjali to the Atma of those forefathers who perished in the accident of “Syria” Ship bringing migrants from India to Fiji
8.30pm to 10pm 27th August 2019 – Ram Charitmanas Parvachan participation of the weekly Ramayan Recitals of Nausori’s Nakelo Ramayan Mandali
7pm to 9.30 28th August 2019 – Sevaashram, Lautoka City, Luatoka – Vedic, Yoga, Meditation Paravachan and Demonstration to Bhaktas
29th August 2019 – Return to Australia

To continue the spreading of the messages and teachings of the Fiji Yatra 2019 Archarya Pdt Rajan Sharma in association with Naroro Shiv Mandir, Naroro Sigatoka & Saraswati College Nausori will hold a 3 day intensive Yoga, Meditation, Vedic lifestyle and Ramcharitmanas Parvachan in April 2020. The three day event will be hosted by Saraswati College, Nausori for 250 to 350 Bhakts, Spiritual seekers and potential Yoga & mediation practitioners and teachers.

The 3 day evet will be open to all Fiji Citizens regardless of race, religion and backgrounds and will be limited to 350 participants with 250 of those accommodated within the Saraswati College facilities. Food and accommodation will be provided to all Fiji Citizens permanently residing in Fiji will receive the intensive training free of charge. Participants not permanently residing in Fiji will be charged a full fee for the participation in the session.

The program will be run all day and evening in the following format:

9am to 5pm – Yoga and Meditation

7pm to 10pm – Ramcharitmanas Parvachan

At the end of the 3 day intensive training and Parvachan some participants will be awarded an Australian Accredited Yoga Instructor Certificate. This will apply to those individuals who will be completing their 200 hours of training leading to the in-person training. Enquiries from parties interested to attend the 3 day intensive training sessions in April 2020 in Nausori, Fiji please contact: Tau Kumar on Mobile: +61434570379 , +61 430 836 605;

email: tau@tavunicapita



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