Questionnaire Committee to prepare 250 questions on disputed issues

Feb 8:Kathmandu,The Questionnaire Proposal Committee has prepared a total of 240 questions so far regarding the disputes seen on new constitution.

The sub-committee on Sunday submitted some more questions related to state restructuring. Earlier, 170 questions were proposed at the Committee meeting on Saturday.
However, Committee lawmakers said that some more questions could be prepared in the disputed issues totaling to 250 questions.
Most of the questions are related to the judiciary, electoral system and form of governance, the lawmakers said.
The questionnaire sub-committee on Sunday’s meeting submitted the questions on state restructuring–one of the disputed issues in the new constitution.
The Committee has also made questions on the issues resolved by the major political parties.
Sub-committee coordinator and UML lawmaker Agni Kharel said that the sub-committee members’ job was almost completed after preparing the questions on state restructuring.
Kharel said that questions have been prepared by incorporating the concerns of all political parties on the number of federal issues. He also said that the questions have been prepared whether the parties want the federal states based on single identity or multiple identities.
The ruling Nepali Congress and UML have made their stance on seven-province model on federalism while the opposition UCPN (Maoist) and other parties are in favour of 10 provinces.
Nepali Congress lawmaker Ramesh Lekhak said that the questionnaires have been prepared within the deadline set by the Constituent Assembly (CA).
He said maximum attention has been paid to the issues raised by the UCPN (Maoist) and claimed that there would be no dispute in the days to come.

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