Parties should seek legal remedy to neutralise Friday interim order: legal practitioner says

 June 20. Kathmandu, Four political parties have been urged to seek a legal recourse to have the Supreme Court’s interim order for not implementing the 16-point agreement nullified.

The parties have been suggested not to openly reject the order as it does not give positive message to the public. Legal remedy is the best option to neutralise the order.

Taking part in an interaction programme on ‘our nation our constitution’ organised by Mujura National Monthly at Sundarijal Saturday, former vice president of the Nepal Bar Association Sher Bahadur KC argued the political parties too should show respect to the SC move, suggesting them to register a writ to scrap the order.

Similarly, lawmaker and Nepali Congress Kathmandu President Bhimsendas Pradhan stressed that political decentralisation was essential to push the country towards development, and federalism was a must for so. There is no alternative to federalism as the centralised ruling system has already proved a failure in terms of proportional development.

According to him, the four political parties’ agreement on June 8 was for federalism. It would be good if dissenting parties adopt a constructive agitation rather than open protests, he suggested.

Magazine advisor Ramesh Simkhada and managing director Sushil Simkhada underlined the need of unity among all to draft a constitution through consensus as soon as possible.

सम्बन्धित शिर्षकहरु