‘Government adheres to its commitment on addressing political issues thru dialogue’

Kathmandu, The Government of Nepal continues to adhere to its commitment to address the political question through dialogue and has been steering the talks towards the right direction.

The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on the queries regarding the situation in Birgunj on Monday.

The Government of Nepal is equally committed to maintain the general law and order and protect the wellbeing and mobility of all including that of Nepalese and foreign transporters inside the Nepalese territory, the spokesperson stated.

Referring to the incident that took place on Monday, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated that Nepal police had successfully cleared the obstruction made by agitators at the Birgunj-Raxaul border check point between the two countries on Monday morning and that out of the five persons arrested during the course of clearing the obstruction, two were Indian nationals.

The statement further reads: “After the clearance of obstruction, all Indian trucks that were stranded inside the Nepalese territory for the last several weeks exited from Nepal and entered India by 10.30 AM today. However, a mob entered the bridge thereafter at the no-man’s land between Nepal and India from the Indian territory.

While the Nepalese security personnel decided to back-off taking into account the sensitivity of international border, the mob increasingly became agitated, resorted to violence and started pelting stones at Nepalese security personnel. Seventeen Nepalese security personnel sustained injuries due to this violence. Then the mob started hurling petrol bomb and attacking a local police station in Birgunj. Nepal police warned the mob, fired tear gas and exercised maximum restraint. Finally it was compelled to use force to contain the situation in which one Indian national Ashis Kumar Ram, who was among the agitators, died. The Ministry regrets the loss of life of an Indian national under the above referred circumstances.”

सम्बन्धित शिर्षकहरु