Khumju’s identity of ‘Green Valley’ in crisis

Solukhumbu, May 31: ‘Green Valley’ is a popular name attributing to the Khumjung Valley which has possessed symmetry of nature resembling green-roofed houses.

It used to be mind-blowing for anyone while entering in to Khumjung Valley from Syangboche Airport but it is no longer these days especially after the April 25 earthquake.

The massive earthquake had broken down many of the houses in Khumjung while the May 12 powerful aftershock turned rest of them to rubles. There is no single house fit for any purpose including residence, said Treasurer of Khumjung Youth Club Pemba Sharpa.

According to the statistics of the Solukhumbu District Natural Disaster Relief Committee, over 233 out of total 511 houses in Khumjung VDC have been completely damaged while 262 houses suffered partial damages. However, Khumjung Valley has witnessed a devastation of all the houses.

Following the breakdown of houses, local residents have been surviving their lives under mosaic tents in the open space. With this the Valley has turned in to a colourful zone.

Local leaders are worrying whether or not the identity of the Valley could be preserved for long-term. Ex-chairperson of Khumjung VDC Tenjing Tasi Sherpa, who spearheaded the campaign to make roofs of all houses of Khumjung Valley green, expressed his grief over the devastation putting peculiar identity of the Valley in crisis. He said he was worrying whether the lost identity of the green-roofed zone could be regained or not.

सम्बन्धित शिर्षकहरु