Over thousands of products of Global Leading Brands at “MY TECH SHOP” (PRESS RELEASE)

press release by “MY TECH SHOP”

Sydney, Australia – Binary IT Pty Ltd, a leading IT service provider today launched a new e-store “MY TECH SHOP” (www.mytechshop.com.au). The newly designed e-commerce store offers quick and easy access to essential technology equipment’s with additional feature, comprehensive understanding and requirement of the IT sector.

The new online shopping platform gives a convenient access to its consumer from every corner of the continent. The store gives access to more than thousands of products in Hardware, Software, Networking, Communication, Accessories, Security Systems, IT Services from leading brands like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Cisco, Samsung, Benq, Microsoft, TP-Link and many more.

“We’re excited to grow by providing online shopping experience to our customers. We will be raising our e-store to the next level of excellence with continuous improvement.” says Suraj Paudel, Technical Manager, Binary IT.

The newly launched site caters a new user experience with added features of product filtration, navigation and rapid response functionality. Visitors can explore the product portfolio on site with full product specification. While consumers can also stay informed with latest tech blog, newsletters, promotional products and offers.

Sudeep Khadka, Support Officer, Binary IT, says, “Consumers are looking for more flexibility and tailored approach based on their personal preferences. We are thrilled to expand our service as e-store to give purchaser the ability to identify their personalised preferences, in their everyday, online shopping.”

MY TECH SHOP has confidently applied 4P’s (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) on their website so a competitive pricing strategy has been launched. The E-shop in few weeks are coming up with more promotional offers and campaigns which is sure to lure the Australian audience widely.

Binary IT Pty Ltd is service provider is based in Sydney, Australia. It has been providing excellent IT services to its client in both private and public sector. It aims to bind technology with the concept of next generation IT supporting your business growth, stability and development. For more exploration of IT services availed by Binary IT please visit www.binaryit.com.au .

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