चिन्ता, तनाव र घुर्ने समस्या हुनेहरुका लागि अचुक उपाय

असनेपालन्युज । सन्जिव अर्याल । शरीर शक्तिको लागि योग , मनशक्तिकोको लागि प्रणायाम र चेतनाशक्तिकोको लागि ध्यान । योग विज्ञानमा आधारित भ्रामरि प्रणायाम । जसको नियमित अभ्यासले चिन्ता , तनाव र वेचैनि हराएर जान्छ ।
भ्रामरि प्राणायाम को विधि यस्तो छ :
सुखासन वा सिद्दासनमा बस्ने ।ढाड -गर्दन सिधा राख्ने ।
बुढी औंलाले दुबै कान थुन्ने र अन्य औंलाले आंखा छोप्ने ।मुख बन्द गर्ने र भित्र ॐ कार ध्वनि निकालेर भमराले जस्तै ध्वनि कम्पन निकाल्ने ।
विस्तारै लामो समय सम्म कम्पन निकाल्ने र र यो क्रम २-३ पटक दोहोर्याउंने ।
फाईदा :
चिन्ता , वेचैनी , अनिंद्रा र घुर्ने समस्यामा लाभ पुग्छ .
नियमित गर्दा स्मरण शक्ति बढ्छ ।
घुर्ने , पिनास तथा चन्चल मन जस्तो स्थितिलाई अचुक उपायको रुपमा अपनाउंन सकिन्छ ।

साकारआत्मक सोच बढ्छ ।

थाइराइड , गलगांड उच्चरक्त चापको लागि उत्तम उपाय बन्छ ।
सरल उपाय बाटै असंख्य लाभ उठाउंन सकिने यो प्राणायाम अब नेपाली भाषा कै भिडियो बाट सिक्न सकिने छ । थप जानकारि यो भिडियोबाट लिन सकिने छ. (योग गुरु आचार्य राजन शर्माको भिडियो अभिलेख युट्युब च्यानल बाट जन चेतनाको लागि साभार )

(पुनश्च : यो जानकारी आम मानिसका लागि तयार पारिएको हुनाले विशेष स्वास्थ्य अवस्था हुनेहरुको हकमा भने योग गुरु सँगको प्रत्यक्ष परामर्श पछि अभ्यास गर्न सक्नु हुनेछ । )

In Sanskrit, Bhramari means a kind of bee. Pranayam means controlled breathing.

Hence, during pranayam, the practitioner produces sound which is similar to humming of a bee. That’s why it is also called as Humming bee breathing technique. How to do Just sit in easy posture (cross legged) on a yoga mat. If you are suffering from joint pain, then you can sit on a chair. Keep the spine straight, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Now, gently press both the ear lids with thumbs. Put both the index fingers on the forehead and put remaining fingers on the eye lids. Slowly inhale deeply through both the nostrils.

Now exhale slowly by producing a humming sound. It is something like chanting OM through nose without opening the mouth. During exhalation, keep the mouth closed. You would feel vibrations in the jaw, lips and throat. That’s it. It completes one cycle. Practice 3 to 5 cycles at a stretch, then take a break and start again. You can practice it as long as you feel comfortable. Practice it in the morning after having bowel movements. You can do it in the evening as well by maintaining a gap of 4 hours after meals.

Benefits It is well acknowledged as a stress buster yoga. According to a report published in Nepal medical college journal, Sept 2010- a short session of just 5 minutes of Bhramari prayanam can reduce blood sugar level and promotes relaxation of mind. Insomnia, migraine, epilepsy, High blood pressure, depression- this pranayam is beneficial for all these health issues. Precautions It is a beginner’s level pranayam- safe for people of all ages.

Pregnant women and people dealing with serious health issues should practice bhramari prayanam under the supervision of a yoga expert. For more info about this wonder Pranayam, please check it- www.astrospiritual.com.au Inspirational/Motivational Video in Nepali by Acharya Rajan Sharma also known as Bhimsen Sapkota . Acahrya Rajan Sharma is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. He is based on Australia ,and spreading happiness around the world with his positive message. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to.

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