Universal Harmony Through Inner Transformation


As the human race continues to make significant advancements in science and technology, the incidence of terrorism, violence and war is on the rise, globally. We expect such advancements to nullify differences, break barriers and unite the human society. On the contrary, there is only disintegration in the name of race, religion and language. Time and again, we have witnessed that peace can never be brought about by power, force or scientific advancements. The only solution is to bring about a transformation of the individual self. 

There is a small story which I read as a child which had a profound impact in my life. It gave me the correct perspective of living life and viewing the world and was the impetus for me to pursue on the path of Inner Excellence.

Jack was 6 years of age.  His father worked for a very big company and always came home late from work. Jack hardly got to spend much time with his father.  He was often quite sad about this.  He often prayed and wished that he would get to play with his father like all his friends at school did.

One fine Saturday, Jack woke up and very eagerly went up to his father who was sitting in his office working away on his laptop.  
“Papa! Can we go out to the park today and kick the football”, asked Jack.
“Jack! I really must finish some work please. Can you go shopping with mummy? “
“No Papa!, I really want to play with you today.”

Jack insisted that his father play with him today.  Jack’s father knew that his son needed his time, however he could not heed to Jack’s request as he had to complete the urgent task for work.
Jack’s father wanted to engage Jack in some activity so that he could finish his task. Suddenly he saw in front of him a magazine which had a world map.  A brilliant idea struck him.  He quickly ripped the map in 10 pieces.

“Jack! Let’s play a game. I will give you a jigsaw puzzle and you have to put it together. You must put it together in the correct way. The moment you bring it back, I will play with you.” Said Jack’s Father, giving him a cello-tape to stick it together with.

“Deal!”, quipped Jack, who was now very excited.

Jack’s father thought that this will give him enough time to finish his work.  However to his utter surprise Jack was back with a piece of paper within 10 minutes.

“Papa! Look I have put it together”, cheered Jack.

His father inspected the completed work and was shocked to see that all the countries of the map were put in right way. He asked Jack as to how he did it.  
“Did mummy help you Jack?”, questioned his father.
“No Papa!, Mummy is busy. She did not help me. I did it all by myself”, said Jack.
“But…but, how do you know about the world map and the countries”, questioned Jacks’ father.

“Papa! I don’t know anything about world map or countries? Please turn the paper around. There is a face of this man. I put his eyes, nose, ears and mouth together and the world map came together. That’s all”, said Jack.

That is the story in summary. But this short story carries with it a very powerful message which impacted me deeply, which is that when a man comes together the world automatically comes in order.  We don’t need to correct the world. We can only correct and craft ourselves.  And when we do that, we will see that something amazing will happen. The whole world will seem in order and in its right and proper place.  

A great Scholar once said that we need to make an important decision. Do we live in a hostile world or a Loving world? Whatever we choose will be true because “loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. It is the same world”

When there is beauty inside, everything we perceive will grace us with its beauty.
When there is love within, unconditional love and compassion overflow for all.
When peace resonates within, every storm will be transformed to tranquillity.
When there is Silence within, life itself becomes an eternal song of Joy.

My Spiritual Mentor, His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji would say that real happiness is very much within one’s own self and that inner peace and tranquillity will naturally lead to universal brotherhood and harmony. Realization of this truth can be attained by simple but sustained practices that include mind control and chanting of the Divine Name of God


All the great philosophies and doctrines of the world focus on this one aspect of inspiring the change from within.

One may have the best traffic systems, the best roads, the best rules by which to manage traffic and reduce incidents on the road, a well-maintained car and the rest, however if the driver is not in a proper condition to drive then there is bound to be accidents, is it not?  If the driver is fatigued as a result of not resting well, or if he is intoxicated, distracted, then surely there is bound to be accidents.  

Similarly, our mind is the driver in our lives.  Irrespective of how good or bad the external forces are, it is well understood that when a driver is at his best, all situations on the road will be easily addressed.  Therefore, does it not necessitate that the driver, which is our mind or the inner self, be given the highest of care and attention.  Is it not a great injustice to our own selves and those who are associated with us (situations or people) if we are not operating from the platform of inner excellence?  

Every situation we come across, every person we meet, every moment that passes deserves nothing but our best.  Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Give every moment the best you have. Each moment is a place you’ve never been – explore it fully. 

Shall bid farewell for now with the closing thought by Etienne de Grellet
“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. “

Remember, we have greatness within us.

Deepak Vinod
Motivational Speaker
Global Organisation for Divinity

सम्बन्धित शिर्षकहरु