Reconstruction of school building starts two years after quake

Bhaktapur, June 8: The reconstruction of the Saraswoti Elementary School building has started more than two years after the massive earthquake levelled it in 2015.

The reconstruction of the school building has been launched under a budget allocation of Rs 5.3 million with support from AEIN Luxemburg and Manaviya Aastha Nepal, according to the organization’s General Secretary, Rabindra Sapkota.

The AEIN Luxemburg has contributed the bulk amount of Rs 4.5 million while the rest was collected among the local villagers. The school building will be constructed within the next three months.

School’s Principal, Dhan Shyam Thapa, shared that two of the school buildings were ravaged by the earthquake. The school had been running classes up to Grade VII in four insecure rooms. The school officially runs classes up to Grade VIII. RSS



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