Nine arrested for power hooking

Lahan, May 19: As many as nine persons were arrested on Thursday on charges of power hooking.

The Nepal Electricity Authority Distribution Centre, Lahan led a joint team comprising the police force to arrest the nine individuals who were slapped a fine of Rs 64,000.

The joint team of NEA officials and Nepal Police arrested the persons from Narghi, Badahari and Pokharbhinda areas located in the northern part of Siraha, Centre’s Chief Madhav Prasad Yadav said.

Yadav added that the authorities also confiscated 190 water drawing motor, a fan and LED TV set. The NEA has tightened its monitoring in Lahan which is facing 40.44 per cent of electricity leakage. Last week, the Centre Lahan detained 19 for stealing electricity. RSS



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