अस्ट्रेलियामा हुर्किएको ११ वर्षिय वालक द्वारा रचित मन छुने कविता जसले धेरैको प्रसंशा पायो ।

Be strong Nepal!!!

As the tears plummet to the ground of fallen bricks and rubble
Surely the purpose puts Nepal in trouble
Voluntarily hearts fly to Nepal with a speck of hope
Tremors of 6.5 and 7.5 leave the Nepal citizens and tourists to cope
As the red liquid of life is left to dry
Lifting tons of wood and bricks saving bodies they try
2000 perished so far and more yet to count with the death toll rising
Nepal citizens rated this disaster as horrific and surprising
Temples and a tower buried in the debris, faces covered in mud
Elders and peers panicking
Nepal feels a great thud
Lamjung,Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu
Houses, apartments, and hospitals too
Children, families, relatives and mates
Fallen bodies, fallen hearts, fallen spirits and fallen gates
Australians, Americans, Indians and Chinese, may our hearts help Nepal and our families
The earthquakes have surely proven their ability
Calls after calls,hands on hands we thrive with dignity
Aftershocks and lulls have kept the country silent
The magnitude and aftermath was truly violent
Let us encourage our country NEPAL to be strong
Unbelievable, ruthless and repeated shocks with Cracks and crevices proving us wrong
Avalanches and earthquakes; thrilling natural disasters
The impact has caused a whole lot of bandages and plasters
As people of the land we hold the right
Because death and survival is at a great height
dharahara in futurre
By Sayal Koirala




सम्बन्धित शिर्षकहरु