Brazilian fan Nepali girl commits suicide

Ramesh Adhikari/

July 9, Kathmandu- A Nepali teenage girl has committed suicide after Germany defeated her favorite team Brazil in FIFA world cup 2014. The host nation Brazil was beaten by 7-1 by European giant Germany in Wednesday morning game played in Belo Horizonte stadium.

Pragya Thapa, 17 year of age from Sunsari, hanged herself to death after she got the suck from the humbling defeat of Brazil. Thapa was studying in class 10 in a private school in Itahari. Thapa a local athletics, committed suicide after she got back home after watching the game with her friends. Police informed that she entered her room being very depressed after her friends teased her after a nightmare defeat of Brazil. Thapa’s grandfather informed police that she was found hanged when he entered to her room breaking the door.

Her father Mahendra Thapa is abroad for foreign employment. She committed suicide when there was nobody expect her grand parents at home.



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